1. Low power consumption:

We adopt international latest technology, liquid oxygen product unit energy consumption is greatly reduced, saving 10-25% of energy consumption than similar products;

2. High purity:

Liquid oxygen purity of 99.7% or higher, more than the national standard of 99.5%. Also can customize according to the demand of users 99.9995% high purity oxygen or high purity liquid oxygen;

3. Start time:

Our liquid oxygen equipment start-up time for about 5-8 hours (equipment production, the startup time different);

4. Radiation radius:

The radiation radius of the liquid oxygen product is about 200 kilometers, far more than radiation radius of the cylinder supply;

5. Shipping:

Liquid oxygen transport costs about 30% of the oxygen transport costs (different areas differ);

6. Flexible management:

If users need pump oxygen bottles, just need to start the liquid oxygen pump, can be in a short period of time to fill the cylinder.