1. Advanced:

We adopt the latest international technology, replacing the older generation technology for preparing liquid nitrogen of Stirling cryocooler.

2. Low energy consumption:

We are using the latest technology of liquid nitrogen products can significantly reduce the unit energy consumption and energy saving 10-20% than the same products.

3. High purity:

Liquid nitrogen purity up to food grade, and electronic grade 0.01 PPM.

4. Small size:

Adopting lever block structure, fractionator design height is low, but with indoor installations.

Widely application university colleges and universities and scientific research units in the laboratory.

5. Maintenance cycle:

Maintenance cycle is long, less workload and easy maintenance.

6. Stability:

Equipment operation stability is high, the key parts adopt well-known brands at home and abroad, still less equipment in the system.


For a variety of extreme climate adaptability is strong.

High altitude (Tibetan male 4200 meters above sea level);

Extremely cold area minus 35 degrees Celsius (Russia);

Extremely hot region (the highest temperature of 42 degrees c);

Wet regions (Thailand, Bangladesh, Vietnam and other southeast Asia).