Hangzhou Union

Hangzhou Union?Industrial Gas-equipment Co., Ltd. Delivered a small size cryogenic liquid nitrogen plant (Model:KDN-8Y) to a research Institute of a university in Xinjiang in January 2014,Which is the smallest size in China and it’s running well.We designed this process by advanced design thinking of small and medium size liquid nitrogen plants, cryogenic liquid oxygen plants used in china and overseas universities, laboratories and other research institutions ,and of course we combined with the customer’s actual situation.
During this year,we had return visits to our user regularly.We got lots running information,Once again proved we understand and master in the small micro size liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen plants about using gas bearing expansion turbine expansion refrigeration,sieve plate column cryogenic rectification technology etc.For the innovation and development of small and medium size ,small and micro size liquid nitrogen plants,  cryogenic liquid oxygen plants application field adds brilliant!

One-year anniversary of the smooth running of the small size cryogenic liquid nitrogen plant self-researched by UIG