Liquefied plants—Industrial oxygen equipment

Does it works:

Industrial oxygen equipment, industrial oxygen generator is set at the same time to extract oxygen from the air, nitrogen air separation equipment, is a process with a new type of turbine expander, after purification of feed and reflux gas in the air in the main heat exchanger heat transfer, be cooled as saturated air, with a small amount of liquefaction, and then into the distillation tower. Distillation is the use of oxygen, nitrogen, the boiling point is different in many parts of evaporation and condensation within the fractionating column to obtain pure oxygen, and the process of pure nitrogen. Under the effect of fractionating column is preparing liquid air and liquid nitrogen. The function of the main condenser evaporator is to low pressure nitrogen under different pressure of gas and liquid oxygen evaporation condensation, on the role of fractionating column is to obtain the product oxygen and nitrogen.

Does the system features:

* the process is the new development and design, we can use the technology of maturity.

* simple operation, convenient maintenance, start-up time is short, low energy consumption.

* high purity oxygen and very stable, meet and exceed GB8982-1998 the technical indexes of the journal of medical oxygen.

* complete sets of equipment adopts air cooling method, do not need to use water, adaptable, save the cost.

* good safety, the compression process with oxygen at room temperature in the form of gas compression, internal compression process using liquid oxygen in liquid form compression at low temperatures, the security performance of the internal compression process is higher, the cold drawn a large number of liquid oxygen, guarantee the hydrocarbon accumulation; High liquid oxygen evaporation pressure, reduce the possibility of hydrocarbon accumulation; Fire hazards.

* high reliability, high performance liquid oxygen pump, maintenance is simple.

Does technical specifications:

Industrial oxygen equipment, industrial oxygen generator main parameters

Production: 100-1000 - m after/hr.

Purity: 99.6 99.8%;

The highest pressure: 22 mpa.