Liquefied plants—Psa oxygen generating equipment

Does it works:

At ambient temperature, the use of nitrogen and oxygen in the air in zeolite molecular sieves (ZMS) on the adsorption performance of different (oxygen can pass and nitrogen adsorption) and separation to obtain oxygen enriched with both products.

Does air separation of three main steps:

Environmental air purification: before entering the air compressor will be purged to remove dust.

Adsorption: after pretreatment of air into the zeolite molecular sieve adsorption tower. Zeolite molecular sieve after removing the moisture in the air and carbon dioxide, nitrogen adsorption, the rest of the oxygen flowed from adsorption tower. The adsorption process will stop before the adsorption capacity of zeolite molecular sieves is saturated.

Desorption: saturated zeolite molecular sieve by reduced pressure to achieve the purpose of regeneration (i.e., release the adsorption gas - water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen). This step through a simple pressure release system (PSA) or using the vacuum pump (VPSA/VSA), exhaust gas automatic emptying.

Does technical specifications:

Device traffic: 0.2 ~ 5000 Nm3 / h

Pure degrees: up to 95%;

Does the system characteristics

In pieces the lowest energy consumption, 20% ~ 30% lower than the domestic similar equipment, production of each side of oxygen consumption of 0.40 kWh or less;

Mixer adopt imported special molecular sieve adsorbent (ZMS), oxygen adsorption performance is good;

Mixer device running stability, high reliability;

Pieces of maintenance and maintenance cost is low;

All imported pneumatic control valve, safe and reliable, long life;

Main control equipment all imported, according to the change of the pressure in the adsorption tower and automatically adjust the opening of the valve to maintain normal production.